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Conditions for including an exchanger in the rating

300 100 – high-quality monitoring of exchange offices. We are continuously working to improve and support our service.

Inclusion of the exchanger in the rating – it is not only a good opportunity to increase the traffic of your site by target clients for exchange operations and increase your income, it is also a sign of quality. Our goal is to work only with the best exchange offices, so we do not accept all of them. Our listing is limited.

If you want to offer your exchanger to be included in the monitoring, check it against our requirements.

1.The website of the exchanger must contain a link with the Rateex image

On the main page of the site, a monitoring button with a link to the main page of Rateex or to the page of the exchange office on Rateex should be placed in a prominent place.

2.Registration at RateEx

The administrator of the exchanger must be registered on our monitoring.


We list only well-known and experienced exchange offices.

4.Total reserve

The available total reserve of currencies must be at least $ 10,000.


The site must have a secure connection HTTPS.

6.Русскоязычная версия

Необходимо иметь полноценную версию сайта на русском языке и русскоязычную службу поддержки.

7.Export file

An export file of rates in a format we support is required, the data in which should be automatically updated immediately (instantly) as soon as one of the exchange rates, the size of the reserve of any currency, or other exchange conditions to be taken into account in the export file changes at the exchange office. Updating "crontab" once a minute is not a good idea.

The export file of the courses must contain reliable data on the rates, reserves, additional fees and labels. An exchange office that mistakenly or deliberately issues incorrect information in at least one direction of exchange will be completely disconnected from the listing.

8.Exchange form

On the main page there should be a form for registration of an exchange with a calculator function, available without registering on the site. Each exchange operation must be assigned a unique number by which you can track the current exchange status.

9.Affiliate program

The exchanger must have an affiliate program.

Charges for exchanges should be made for all users provided by our monitoring, including those who have not registered on the site of the exchange office, as well as for those operations that the exchange office considers "non-profit" or "with an additional charge."

Technical implementation of the affiliate program:

-From the monitoring site, the user goes to the exchange office using a link with a GET parameter indicating the partner's ID;

-When clicking on the link, the exchanger assigns the user's affiliation to a specific partner;

-When creating an exchange request, the partner's ID is taken and the amount of remuneration for the partner is calculated;

-When the exchange is successfully completed, the amount of remuneration is credited to the account in the partner's account;

-A partner's account must contain a section of accrual statistics, a history of payments of partner funds, summary statistics.

10.Unique name

The name of the exchange office must be unique, and should not coincide in sound and spelling with other exchange offices already included in our listing.

11.Identity verification

In some cases, it may be necessary to verify the identity of the owner of the exchange office.

12.Communication data

The website of the exchange office must provide comprehensive data for communication with the operator and indicate the opening hours. At a minimum, an e-mail and an online messenger (Skype, Telegram, own chat) must be present to quickly resolve exchange issues. Telephone support is desirable. The support service should respond to customers no later than within an hour during business hours, and the method of communication should be clearly highlighted on the site.

13.Description of exchange conditions

The site of the exchange office must contain clear and reliable descriptions of the conditions and time of exchanges, additional commissions and be fully operational.

14.Regulations for processing exchanges

The website of the exchange office must contain the regulations for processing exchanges, which contains all the mandatory conditions for interacting with customers.


- conditions for filing applications;

- conditions for fixing the rate;

- conditions of payment for the application by the client;

- conditions for payment of the application by the exchange office (additional conditions for sending funds, depending on the location of the client, if any);

- the format of receiving consultations after the client has paid for the application;

- the format of interaction with the client under force majeure circumstances, such as blocking the account of the exchange office by the bank as a result of sending funds by the client, blocking the client's account by the bank as a result of sending funds by the exchange office, erroneous transfer of funds by the client as a result of incorrectly entered details and others;

- conditions for the processing and storage of personal data.

15.We do not accept

The following categories of exchangers are not accepted to participate in monitoring:

1.Partner satellites of other exchange offices, which are not independent services. The added exchange office must have its own reserves, separate accounts in payment systems and a separate operator;

2. Exchange offices with a bad reputation (we do not accept exchange offices that are poorly reviewed by users);

3. Sites in which exchange operations are only a side service (for example, payment systems).

4. Sites using unlicensed software.

5. Sites with hidden terms of exchange (small print in terms of use or site rules). The terms of the exchange must be available at the time of the exchange.

16.Obligations of the administrator of the exchange office

Know and comply with the duties of the administrator of the exchange office.

If all requirements are met, please send data for inclusion through the form, and we will consider your application as soon as possible.