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Obligations of the administrator of the exchange office

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The administrator of the exchange office undertakes:

1. Establish reliable exchange rates at which the exchange will be carried out, indicating all additional commissions, as well as commissions of payment systems that are not taken into account by monitoring. Promptly adjust rates, reserves and all additional labels and additional commissions in your export file. The data in the file should be updated instantly as soon as any changes occur on the website of the exchange office. During non-working hours, exchange directions operating in manual or semi-automatic mode must be disabled;

2. When transferring funds to a client in a currency other than the currency of receipt in a given direction of exchange, indicate the exact amount that the client will receive to his account after conversion. If the exact amount to be received is unknown, then this direction of exchange should not be sent to monitoring;

3.Not offer pseudo-favorable terms of exchanges in order to unjustifiably reach the first lines of the rating;

4. To carry out the registration of applications and the issuance of details for payment through the website of the exchange office. It is forbidden to issue details through third-party online messengers;

5. Provide support to the user until the actual receipt of payment. The exchange is considered complete only after the user receives the funds;

6. Give a prompt response in a respectful and comprehensive manner:

-on the claims of users who posted a negative review on the page of the exchange office;

- to users' questions asked through all communication channels supported by the exchange office;

-on requests from the monitoring administration;

7. Give a substantiated response to the monitoring administration on the merits of the issue within no more than 24 hours from the moment of publication or receipt of a request by e-mail;

8. Do not publish fictitious reviews on your monitoring page (reviews from people who did not use the services of the exchange office);

9.Remove users' claims only if the funds were sent in full, or if the exchange period under the regulations has not yet passed;

10. Do not transfer or disclose to third parties personal information received from users. It is necessary to ensure the security of the personal data of customers who verify their accounts. It is important to remember about responsibility for violation of the law on personal data;

11. Take full financial responsibility to your users. Funds received from the user must be exchanged in accordance with the regulations of the exchange office, or must be returned to the user in full;

12. Promptly notify the monitoring administration about the change of the owner of the exchange office, contact e-mail and phone numbers, as well as other relevant information.