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Answers to frequently asked questions - - a free internet service, the main purpose of which is to obtain up-to-date information on e-currency exchangers. With Rateex, you can find exchangers to make a safe and fast exchange.

The birthday of monitoring can be considered August 28, 2019, the day of domain registration.

Each of the exchange offices listed in the RateEx listing marked "active" has been thoroughly checked and moderated. All exchangers meet the requirements and selection criteria of our monitoring.

However, it is worth remembering that exchange offices are not legally and physically controlled by RateEx monitoring. Therefore, we do not bear any obligations in case of loss of funds as a result of any actions on the part of exchange offices.

When choosing an exchange office, be sure to pay attention to reviews and other indicators.

Payment systems are added automatically if they participate in the export files of exchange offices.

The daily gift bonus has its own daily limit, both per person and on the total amount issued. If you were unable to receive the bonus today, do not be discouraged and try to get it tomorrow.

Available exchange reserve is the amount of money of a certain currency available to the exchange office for making exchanges. When making an exchange, the exchanger will not be able to give you an amount greater than the available reserve.

The BL number (business level), found in the description of many exchangers, characterizes their activity and reputation in the WebMoney system.

If any of the exchangers has a dash instead of BL, it means that it does not work with WebMoney currency exchange and does not have a working WMID (WebMoney account) by which BL can be determined.

The TS (Trust Score) number found in the descriptions of many exchangers characterizes their activity and reputation in the Perfect Money system.

If any of the exchangers has a dash instead of TS, it means that it does not work with the Perfect Money currency exchange and does not have a working Perfect Money account, which can be used to determine Trust Score.

In order to add an exchanger, use the form for adding an exchanger following link.

If you did not find the answer to your question, you can ask it through feedback form.