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Tether is the first company to create a platform for using a traditional currency like Bitcoin. Tether's activities are based on strict adherence to international standards. The company operates in all states where the regulation of virtual currencies is carried out. Due diligence of clients, record keeping and adherence to all established procedures ensure the comfort of partners. The company carries out a systematic professional audit, which also contributes to the safety of users.

Tether was developed on the basis of the Bitcoin blockchain. Thanks to this fact, she was able to combine the positive aspects of fiat and cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency in its most general form is one of the varieties of electronic money, which is protected by a cryptographic code. It does not have a centralized issuer and can be issued to everyone. Using digital equivalents of real currencies, Tether is able to ensure the stability of quotes. It is favorably distinguished by the possibility of fast transactions. The Tether platform currently uses virtual equivalents of the euro and the US dollar (for example, 1 US dollar - 1 USDT). In the same way, it is tied to Tether and the euro, that is, 1 EURT is equivalent to 1 EUR. Cryptocurrency Tether is indicated by adding "T" to the name of the real currency. Support is provided by a banking trust operating in Taiwan. It is thanks to this arrangement of bank deposits that the daily volume of transactions, estimated at 500,000 - 1,000,000 million dollars, became possible.

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, maximum reliability and transparency of money transfers is ensured. It is also important that at any time you can exchange the equivalents of real currencies for cash. A distinctive feature of cryptocurrencies is anonymity (which makes it attractive in terms of taxation) and decentralization. Decentralization lies in the fact that neither government agencies nor individuals have the ability to control the movement and emission of cryptocurrencies.

Tether has also developed the most user-friendly web wallet and mobile app. Thanks to these tools, customers are able to store, send and receive Tether cryptocurrency. In addition, the system can send and receive payments to other Tether web wallets, as well as Bitcoin wallets that support Tether. Clients can replenish their wallet and withdraw funds by bank transfer in USD. Cryptocurrency exchange can be made on various services. As a rule, you can make an exchange instantly and without commissions, choosing the most attractive rate.

The minimum deposit amount is 1 USDT or 1 EURT. A fee of 1 USDT or 1 EURT is charged for this operation. The minimum amount that a user can withdraw is 1 USD or 1 EUR. It is important to note that there is no fee for withdrawing funds. A significant advantage of using the Tether cryptocurrency is the high speed of both sending and receiving funds. Tether is powered by the SecurePlatform. Cryptocurrency conversion can be carried out both online and using mobile wallets (i.e. offline). Forwarding is done through a peer-to-peer network.

Tether is integrated with many other companies in the field. So, some time ago, integration with Cryptsy was reported. This was evidence of a non-standard and truly innovative approach. As a result, confidence and stability are given to this sector, because fiat currencies and blockchain were not previously connected. Such integration makes it possible to link fiat currencies to Bitcoin and is a serious contribution to the development of the system. A partnership with Coinsbank (based in Edinburgh) allows payments in both USDT and EURT via debit cards. Coinsbank is a provider of financial technology and exchange solutions. In addition, EURT tokens should also be available on OpenLedger. This is a crypto-financial platform that acts as an addition to the Omni Layer bitcoin platform (it features faster execution). Through this platform, it will be possible to send EURT to SEPA. This will make prices transparent and ensure the tightest spread possible, as well as low exchange commissions.

In addition, the Tether cryptocurrency is distinguished by such advantages as:

Tether is easy to use and all transactions are carried out in a cryptographically secure environment.

Tether uses a simple yet highly efficient approach to transactions.

Tether also integrates seamlessly with wallets, companies, etc. just like Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is characterized by decentralized exchange, accountability and transparency.

Can be used by both individuals and and companies.

Commercial companies working with the Tether cryptocurrency have the opportunity to focus directly on the business, and not on the problems associated with making payments. It allows you to specify the prices of goods in US dollars or euros, so there is no need to convert Bitcoin into real currency, and, accordingly, you can avoid the associated processes and fees. In addition, the company provides confidentiality.

Thus, the Tether cryptocurrency is a virtual monetary unit that is pegged to a real currency. Maintaining stable quotes and other benefits provided by Tether make it a reliable option for both individuals and companies.

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Exchange rate now: 1 USDTERC20 = 1 USD

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