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1 USD 70.3847 RUB
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A decentralized digital currency differs from a traditional currency in that it does not have a control center that controls its emission and operation. Instead, only strict mathematical laws govern the money, and they also ensure that only the owners can manage their money. If users follow the recommended security rules, then the likelihood of suffering from scammers is reduced to almost zero.

In the absence of a central authority, all network nodes must come to an agreement (consensus) about the balances of each account (or address), and they do this every few minutes. Information about new transactions is stored in a block, which is written and attached to the previous block, forming a chain of blocks. This constantly updated registry is available to any network user and is called the blockchain.

Dash is based on this simple (albeit unusual for many) mechanism. And when people use instant, private and secure transactions, they may not be aware that this is happening thanks to the blockchain. Anyone can join the network, and Dash is quite widespread and available all over the world.

Thanks to the unique masternode network, sending any amount anywhere in the world is as easy as tapping your smartphone to a reader when paying for groceries in a store. Say goodbye to complicated bank details, slow transactions and high fees, Dash is digital money of convenience!

Official site:
Exchange rate now: 1 DASH = 61.102 USD

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Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency, the creation and control of which are based on cryptographic methods.